Sunday, November 01, 2009

Solar Lighting

Thanks to Light Up the World, who donated this small solar lighting system, and Dr. Bob Dickson, who volunteered to bring it down with him when he was here in April, we now have solar lights in the Ix-canaan office.

The system includes a small battery, as well as a small solar panel

which we have placed on the edge of the lamina roof, where it gets relatively direct sun all day, and two small but powerful lights that each have two settings and about 10 meters of wire for each one.

The office is dark and cool, which is great for the climate, but lighting is required in order to work during the day ... we left the electric lights hooked up, but haven't had to use them since putting in the solar lights, thus cutting back on rapidly increasing electricity bills.  IT WORKS GREAT!  WE LOVE IT!!  Now, all we need is a solar system to run the refrigerator, the satelite dish and a device that will charge computers and cell phones, and we can get off the grid altogether.

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