Thursday, February 15, 2007

Scholarship Program - Adelida Melendez Sanchez

Adelida has been planning to become a teacher for many years. If you are able to help her and/or Mayra to accomplish their goals, or know of an organization that can help, please let me know. Posted by Picasa


Scholarship Program - Mayra Elizabet Cheguin

As the school year begins, I have been approached by two young ladies from the women's group who have worked really hard as adult students (they both have young children) to finish basic schooling so that they can go on to study for a career in teaching. They have both been accepted at Colegio Amer in Santa Elena, but they do not have sufficient funds to pay their monthly enrollment fees or their travelling costs. We are looking for a sponsor, either a single person or a group of people, who can sponsor these two women for at least one year of their schooling ... a cost of about U.S.$1,200 each. Posted by Picasa