Sunday, November 08, 2009

Collaboration with N.U.F.E.D. for Computer Classes

This past school year, we have been collaborating with the Nufed School here in the village so that the students are able to add Computer Studies to their curriculum.

THE NUFED School is a technical institute for grades 7, 8 and 9. The graduates from this program are mostly unable (usually because of financial reasons) to go further with their education, so it is important to give them as many life skills as possible in their short time in this school.

We don't have enough computers in the Ix-canaan Library to be able to teach an entire class at once, so Byron, a local man who volunteers to teach Computer Skills to the students, has set up a schedule for afternoons, every second week. The eligible students don't get what I feel is ENOUGH computer time, but they at least get some time to become familiarized with the use of a computer. Considering that many of these students will be looking for work in tourism, their studies in Computer Skills and English are critical to their future success.

These two students are waiting for their class to begin ... it was an exam day, so they were spending every extra minute going over their notes before their class.

If you would like to volunteer to teach either computer classes or English classes to the students of the NUFED Institute (or any of a variety of other classes), then please let us know.

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