Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Successful School Year

Both Elsa and Aracely are bursting with pride as they near the end of their successful first year back at school.  Below are their reports, that they brought over to show me.  Both of these young women were unable to attend school past grade 6, but have gone back to school with the goal of becomming teachers.  They are enrolled in a special program in Santa Elena on Saturdays.  It is specifically for mature students and the students are able to earn the three years of grades 7, 8 and 9 in just 2 years.  Elsa and Aracely are hoping that we are able to continue the scholarship program that has enabled them to attend this program.  Please contact me if you are able to make a donation to our Scholarship Program for Women so they can prepare to continue to work towards their goals.


October Volunteers: Joe Moore and Juleen Rodakowski

Meet Joe Moore and Juleen Rodakowski, who have been volunteering here for over a week ...  teaching and working with a group of local children.

Joe and Juleen prepared an excellent program for their daily class, consisting of a variety of different activities, interspersed with time on the playground.

Literature, reading and comprehension figured strongly in their teachings.

Part of each day's class would consist of a craft session focussing on an aspect of education.  On this day, the children are making a mobile that illustrates what they dream of accomplishing, what they are working towards, when they finish school.

For the children, the highlight of each afternoon was their English class ... they love it ... and they participate with great enthusiasm, not only repeating the words, but writing them in the notebooks that several of them began bringing after the first day's class.  Most kids here know that a working knowledge of English will move them rapidly up the employment ladder if they are lucky enough to obtain work in tourism when they finish their educations.

One of the modules that Juleen and Joe taught was on garbage and the importance of keeping their neighborhood clean.  They made a game of cleaning up the entire block to see which team could find the most garbage, and made badges to say that they are members of the "I Do Not Litter" Club.

It was a great week!!  Thanks Joleen and Joe!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Beberly Reads

On the most recent trip that Rose and Beberly were here, Beberly took time out from their busy schedule with the women's group in order to read some books to the children.

Rose and the kids were enthralled as Beberly entertained the group with animation and laughter.

This is an activity that is really important for the kids here. They do not have books in their homes or schools and seldom hear a story read aloud to them. We are always looking for volunteers who would like to share this type of activity and help to birth an appreciation for literature amongst the young kids.