Sunday, November 01, 2009

Adelaida Finishes her "Practicas"

Here is Adelaida in her uniform in the morning, getting ready to go to her "practicas".  For the last month, she has been going each morning to work at a company in Ixlu.  She has done well ... and this week she will formally graduate from her course in "Perito Contador" ... Junior Accountant.  Adelaida's schooling  (and that of 3 other young women) has been supported for the last 3 years by a small group of 4 Ix-canaan supporters (coincidentally, two sets of sisters) ... Dina Hanson, Laura Bunting, Linda Kiernan and Ruth Bieber.

Adelaida will now be seeking employment and will not need educational support, but not only do we still have the other three young women who are working towards their basic junior-high education, but I have had applications from another 6 young women this year who would appreciate support in being able to return to school.  All of these young women, like Adelaida, were forced to quit their educations when they reached grade 6, and would now like to return, with the goal of becomming secretaries, teachers or accountants.

Please contact me if you are able to make a one time donation to our Scholarship Fund, or, if you can (even better) donate on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.  We do give tax deductible receipts for donations to this worthwhile cause, as well as quarterly reports.

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