Friday, November 24, 2006

Kelly and Jade Work With Kids

Kelly and Jade (9-years old), from Red Deer, Alberta are just coming to the end of their 3 weeks of working and playing with the kids at the new library. They did art projects, read stories, played games, learned some computer skills and played on the jungle gymn Posted by Picasa


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Larissa Glides Through Jungle Canopy

Today, Larissa and I stopped at the Canopy Tour, 17 km outside of the village on the road to Belize. It's a rush. You glide on cables from platform to platform in the jungle treetops ... covering 13 platforms with 9 cables, stretching over 1 km. This facility (which featured in Survivor Guatemala) also has over 2 km. of interpretive jungle trails, as well as a functioning chiclero compound, where the men show how chicle for chewing gum was processed from the jungle. Posted by Picasa


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pablo Collado in Concert

Larissa and I had the good fortune to see Pablo Collado, flautist/guitarist extraordinaire, in concert at a local hotel the other night. Pablo is one of the headliners for the Activation Maya Ceremonial Celebration in December (see for more details) Posted by Picasa


The Procession of the Skulls

On November 1st, we went to San Jose, a small community around the back side of the lake, for the Procession of the Skulls. This ceremony has been performed on this date since the 1400's ... apparently the skulls are those of three very powerful shamans of the Itza tribe, who are honored at this time every year with a mass and a public procession from house to house throughout the village. It is considered very good luck for your household if the skulls visit. Posted by Picasa