Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Volunteers from Campus California

Bit by bit, I will be catching up on some blogging that was left far behind by circumstances.  Volunteers Francisco Mendes and Ok Mandoon are from Campus California Teachers Group.  CCTG is many things, but I have become familiar with it as a "school for adults, training them to become Development Instructors and Poverty Fighters in Africa, Asia and Latin America, for a 4, 6 or 12 month period".  The instructors from CCTG have been bringing their small classes through El Remate to tour Project Ix-canaan for a while now, and this group of two, who are on their way to a volunteer job in Belize, actually stopped for a few days to help out with the kids of the NUFED Academy, by teaching a cooking class and an art class.

The two students were happy to do some research to determine the type of recipes that would be both interesting to the students, as well as possible to do with the ingredients that the women could afford.  The primary dish that they decided to make was a Teriyaki Chicken.

They made a large poster with the recipe printed on it so the students could follow along.  The class was very interesting and well received by the students.

I didn't get photos, but Francisco also taught an art class to a class of NUFED students.


F.Mendes said...

I had really good time with kids from NUFED school! It was amazing to work there, I have really good memories of the IXCANAAN project and the people. Thank you for the oportunity. :)

Anonymous said...

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