Sunday, December 13, 2009

SIFE Seminar

On Saturday, Nikki, Cameron and I ran up and down thousands of stairs around the village as we delivered invitations to a seminar to all the hotel owner/managers in the village. The Seminar was to be in two parts, Scott teaching the first part on "Social Marketing", and Nikki teaching the second segment on "Building a Free Website with Windows Live".

Jeffrey filmed the event,

and Cameron greeted the guests at the door, passed out the information handouts, and made sure that everyone was comfortably seated.

Estella Monroy, on the far right, was hired as translator.  A good sized crowd turned out to learn how they could boost their business through a more effective online campaign.

Doña Marta (right) and her daughter, Brenda, were hired to serve a snack of tostados with refried beans, tomato sauce and fresh cheese with fresh lemonade to drink.

The seminar was very successful and the people were so interested that almost all of them stayed to ask questions and talk more after Scott and Nikki finished.

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